Helping shape a better healthcare system for all Canadians.

Mentor Me Healthcare represents a vision for an equitable healthcare system in Canada.

Our founders, Melanie and Chris Alappat, are health professionals with years of experience in clinical care, international development, health promotion, digital health and education.

Mentor Me Healthcare was founded because we believe newcomer health professionals deserve to feel welcomed and reach their full potential. Our healthcare system and communities need their expertise, but without support licensing is very difficult.

Our mission is to help internationally-educated health professionals (IEHPs) new to Canada become licensed as quickly and affordably as possible. We do this by providing personalized, flexible one-on-one mentorship throughout the licensing process.

How We Got Here

Many IEHPs come to Canada each year, eager to contribute. However, they face many barriers during the overwhelming licensing processes currently in place. Sadly, only 53% are working in their professions.

Meanwhile, we are struggling with unprecedented staffing shortages causing record wait times for crucial care. This is causing poorer health outcomes for many Canadians.

Our communities are best served by a diverse, multilingual healthcare team that reflects them, however this remains a challenge.

The current system is not working. We decided to take action by creating a community of IEHPs sharing their expertise to help one another achieve their goals.

Together, we are creating opportunities for newcomers, addressing Canada’s healthcare staffing crisis, and building a diverse, inclusive healthcare workforce ready to help all Canadians.

We believe that gaining competence, confidence, and connections through our mentorship gives every IEHP the tools they need to succeed!


Learn what you need to know to work in your profession


Feel excited to go after opportunities and reach your full potential


Build a network of healthcare workers in Canada who want to help you succeed

Over time, we saw how both understaffing and barriers for new Canadians spanned professions across the country. The pandemic highlighted these gaps in our society. We could no longer ignore the ongoing inequities in opportunity and outcome..

So, we expanded our mission. Now, we connect IEHPs from all health professions with one another. Our mentors are IEHPs who have made it. They provide personalized support throughout the process to ensure success. Mentor Me Healthcare helps every IEHP feel hopeful, organized, and valued on their professional journey in Canada. Most importantly, we help them find their quickest and most affordable path to licensing!

Help us shape an equitable healthcare system in Canada.