Becoming a Mentor: Exploring the Many Benefits for Mentors

Becoming a Mentor: Exploring the Many Benefits for Mentors

Mentor Me Healthcare’s Mentors Benefit in Many Ways

An internationally trained physician smiles. She has gained confidence and clinical skill by mentoring others.Mentor Me Healthcare wants to help each internationally educated health professional (IEHP) new to Canada become licensed as quickly as possible. Our licensed IEHP mentors support those who are still unlicensed. Here, we explore the many benefits our mentors experience.

Internationally educated nurses, physicians, physiotherapists, pharmacists, dentists, social workers and other health professionals new to Canada face complex, expensive processes and conflicting, sometimes misleading information. Many feel overwhelmed and, sadly, only 47% achieve their dream of becoming a licensed professional. Meanwhile, our healthcare system struggles with a worsening healthcare worker shortage.

Mentor Me Healthcare has a simple, powerful solution. Our mentors are IEHPs who have succeeded in becoming licensed in Canada. They want to help others succeed as well. 

The benefits of mentorship are many. Mentors feel immense satisfaction from sharing expertise and helping others through a difficult process. They notice improvements in their professional competence and confidence. The flexible schedule, ability to work from home and earn additional income are also benefits for mentors.

If you’re interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity, read on.

How Does Our Mentorship Work?

Mentor Me Healthcare was created by two Physiotherapists who want to help IEHPs achieve their dreams. They realized that creating a bridge between licensed and unlicensed IEHPs was the best solution because it connects IEHPs so that you can help one another!

Licensed Registered Nurses, Registered or Licensed Practical Nurses, Physicians, Pharmacists, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Social Workers and other health professionals can register to be mentors. Mentors don’t pay any fees and are provided with a ready-made business that includes easy-to-use resources, secure payment, chat function and support with social media and marketing. 

If you’re looking for a way to help other IEHPs succeed, enhance your skills and earn income from home, becoming a mentor is a perfect opportunity for you!

The Benefits of Becoming a Mentor with Mentor Me Healthcare

Improved professional skills including clinical knowledge, communication and leadership skills

Mentors must think carefully about problem-solving and rationalizing choices to help mentees understand. Verbalizing clinical reasoning boosts knowledge and improves efficacy of practice.

Mentorship promotes crucial communication skills such as active listening, paraphrasing and providing clear explanations. Mentors foster encouragement, motivation and goal-setting, all important leadership skills for work with patients, families and colleagues.

If you’re interested in teaching or management roles, mentorship is a valuable asset to your resume and Linkedin profile.

Gain confidence and satisfaction

The satisfaction and validation of helping someone achieve their dream is a very special feeling and the main reason most mentors do this work. Seeing your work help others boosts confidence personally and professionally. Mentors are more willing to take professional risks such as starting their own practice or choosing a leadership role.

A flexible, work-from-home income opportunity

Earning income from home is rare for healthcare workers but Mentor Me Healthcare makes it possible. Mentorship is typically online and done in your spare time, during a leave of absence or a time between clinical positions. Healthcare work is not physically easy to perform and mentorship is a rewarding way to pass along valuable knowledge in a non-physical manner.

Address Canada’s healthcare worker shortage 

Mentors help others achieve licensing, thereby addressing our massive healthcare worker shortage. Our population is growing and aging. Facilitating licensing for IEHPs is one of the most important strategies to increase our workforce but we can’t wait for incremental policy changes. IEHPs can help one another and, in turn, all Canadians.

Improve equity, diversity and inclusion in healthcare

An internationally educated pharmacist works as a mentor. She helps others, improves her communication skills, and earns income from home.IEHPs and people of color are significantly under-represented in the healthcare workforce. Evidence clearly demonstrates that more equitable, diverse and inclusive teams provide better care to all clients, but especially those from marginalized groups. 

As an IEHP who has made it, you can be a powerful role model. Mentors are living proof that becoming a successful health professional in Canada is possible. As you know, seeing oneself represented provides much needed inspiration and motivation.

Mentorship with Mentor Me Healthcare has many benefits and they’re certainly worth the time and effort it takes to get started.

Begin experiencing all of these personal, professional and practical benefits. Become a mentor today!

If you are an IEHP who felt overwhelmed, confused or misled during the process of licensing, become a trusted mentor for others. 

By sharing your experience, you can help newer Canadians achieve their goals. Doing so is incredibly rewarding.  Plus, you’ll improve your clinical knowledge, communication and leadership skills and begin earning income from home on a flexible schedule! Why wait? 

Register as a mentor on Mentor Me Healthcare today!


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