Payment Structure

How Payment Works on Mentor Me Healthcare

Registration is free for mentors and mentees. With no registration or subscription fees, there are really no risks to joining. Profile completion takes 30 mins for mentees, 60 for mentors.

Internationally educated health professionals (IEHPs) benefit on either end of our services, both earning as the mentor AND getting great service as the mentee. Our job is to connect and support our members.

Mentors choose the fees for their services and are paid by mentees. Mentors keep 80% of their earnings. The more you mentor, the more you’ll earn.

 All payments go through PayPal, Stripe or Payoneer. These are globally-recognized secure payment systems.

Here's how it works step- by- step:

1- Mentors register, verify account and create a profile. 

2- Mentors link a PayPal or Payoneer account to their profile via "Payouts settings". Create an account if you don't have one. It's super easy.

3- Mentors post services with service completion deadline and fee listed. You have to complete your profile, verify and complete payouts settings to post a service.

4- Mentees purchase services via PayPal or credit card (Stripe).

5- Both can see the confirmed payment on their dashboards. We hold the payment until the service completion deadline.

6- Mentorship sessions are completed within the time frame.

7- On the service completion deadline, the mentee marks the service as completed (manage services - change from Hired to Completed), provides a review and payment is released to the mentor.

8- The mentor completes a withdrawal from their dashboard via the PayPal or Payoneer account they've linked.

On the rare occasion that a delay occurs or a problem arises that you can’t solve, let us know as soon as possible and we will find a solution.

We are happy to go through your registration, profile creation, service posting and service completion via video chat to ensure you feel comfortable.

Like other online marketplaces, we structure payments this way to ensure that mentors will be paid for their work and that mentees will get the services they deserve.  We use our 20% to manage the website, payment systems, marketing, user training, support and more. 

Tips for Mentors:

When setting your fees, consider planning time, what others in your profession are charging, and what you would have been able to pay prior to licensing. You will come to a rate that feels fair. You can adjust as you gain experience and great reviews! 

Once a mentee purchases a service, you can’t change the fee - they have paid up front. You can change it for future mentees by editing the service or posting a new service.

Mentor Me Payment Example 1: 

Mohini is a Family Physician trained in India. She lives in Mississauga, Ontario and is working towards an upcoming licensing exam, the MCCQE. She registers for Mentor Me Healthcare and chooses a mentor, Rohan, as he responds quickly and has a Family Practice in Ontario.

Rohan’s Service: Two lessons (1 hour each) with exam prep materials with a 1 week completion deadline for $200.

Mohini pays $200 via PayPal  on Sept. 1. Rohan sees that the payment is complete and they begin their work preparing Mohini for the exam. 

Mentor Me holds the payment until completion of the agreement, 1 week from the purchase.

Mohini and Rohan complete their 2 sessions in 1 week as planned.

Mohini goes to Ongoing Services on her dashboard, marks the service as Completed and provides a review for Rohan. 

Rohan checks his dashboard, sees the payment move from "pending" to "available" and completes his withdrawal of $160 (80% of the total).

Mohini considers another set of 6 sessions with Rohan as she was happy with his mentorship.  Both post on their social media profiles which helps Rohan meet additional mentees and help other internationally trained physicians.

Mentor Me Payment Example 2:

Nathan is a Registered Nurse from Hong Kong living in Edmonton, Alberta. He is working as a Personal Support Worker. He is looking for help with licensing and finding nursing work in Alberta. 

He registers for Mentor Me Healthcare and finds Becky, also from Hong Kong originally. She is organized and supportive. Becky's employer, a large hospital, has over 100 unfilled Nursing postings so having a connection there is great for Nathan. 

Becky’s Service: Licensing Exam Preparation Package - 4 lessons for $250 with service completion deadline in 4 weeks.

Nathan pays $250.00 via PayPal through Mentor Me on Sept. 1.  Becky sees that the payment has been completed - $200 (80% of total) is shown on her dashboard under "pending". 

Nathan and Becky complete their 4 sessions in 4 weeks, on September 28. 

Nathan goes to Ongoing Services, changes the service from Hired to Completed and provides a review.

Becky sees the payment of $200 (80% of total) move from "pending" to "available" and withdraws the payment for her great work. PayPal can take 3-5 days.

Nathan provides a 5-star review for Becky and follows and posts about Mentor Me Healthcare on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Nathan keeps in touch and plans to apply at her hospital, with Becky's help, as soon as he is licensed.

*PayPal or Stripe fees are not factored into these examples.