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Help us create better opportunities and better healthcare in Canada.

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Make a difference in the lives of other IEHPs.

If you’re an IEHP licensed in Canada, congratulations! You made it. You understand the frustrating, expensive and sometimes humiliating experiences that newcomers face as they work to become licensed health professionals.

Don’t let others face these obstacles alone. Share your valuable expertise by mentoring others!

We connect you with IEHPs new to Canada. You share your experience and make a difference in the lives of others!

Join a growing, nation-wide community of IEHPs, learn how to become the best mentor possible, and help others overcome obstacles that you've experienced yourself.

We provide everything you need to start making a difference in the lives of IEHPs new to Canada!

Becoming a mentor with us means accessing the tools, resources and support you need to help your mentees achieve success.

This is your opportunity to give back to your community, build a more diverse healthcare system and improve your own skills as well. You can set up your own mentorship business in just a few steps.

Register and complete your mentor profile with skills, experience, and services.

Review our mentoring resources and link your profile to a PayPal or Payoneer account.

Our team will help you spread the word through social media or events.

Chat with interested mentees then invite them to book an online session in your schedule!

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to start your new path to licensing today

Yes! You get paid. Your time and expertise are valuable.  You set your own fees for your services and keep 80% of the total amount you earn.  Not only do you get to help others and build leadership and communication skills, but you also earn additional income from home, because, you know, life gets expensive!

Check out our Payment Structure for more details.

If you are a licensed health professional in Canada then we would love to have you! In a few steps, you can begin a flexible, rewarding new business. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Register as a mentor.
  2. Complete your Mentor Profile to show your unique skills and experience by editing profile.
  3. Set up a PayPal or Payoneer account and link it to your profile under Payouts Settings.
  4. Post mentorship services for mentees to purchase.
  5. Review our Resources for Mentors to prepare.
  6. Add Mentor Me Healthcare under Experience on your Linked In page.
  7. Follow our socials. Post and share our content. Don’t know how? Book a meeting and we will help you market your services!
You can work as much or as little as you choose. Have several mentees at a time or take a break.
Do not accept a new mentee if you are not sure you will have enough time to work with them. Once you have made a commitment, ensure you finish the service by the completion deadline to get paid on time and get better reviews.
Mentees pay with PayPal or their credit card (Stripe) through our platform. We make sure it’s confirmed before you start.
Set up payments (payouts) on your dashboard with a PayPal or Payoneer account before you start mentoring. You keep 80% of your earnings so the more you mentor, the more you earn. You can see pending and confirmed on your dashboard.
Take a look at our Payment Structure which includes some helpful examples.

We ensure payment occurs safely, before the service begins.  You can see on your dashboard when the payment has gone through. We hold the payment safely until the service completion deadline specified in the service.

On the service completion deadline it will be released to you and you’ll be notified. You click on Payouts on your dashboard and use PayPal or Payoneer to access funds.

It’s easy and secure! We can walk you through any questions any time.

Mentees rate you out of 5 for content knowledge, communication and overall recommendation. These ratings and reviews are compiled on your profile. Throughout the process, ask for feedback and receive it openly. 
When you receive feedback, make changes to your services if needed. Good reviews will help you get more business!
Check out our Resources to become the best possible mentor and take your business to the next level.

It’s up to you. When you post services, you set the fee for the service. These services are what mentees purchase.


One hour exam preparation with sample question PDF included – $120

Five hours of case study discussion – $300 ($60/hour)

When choosing your rates, think about planning time and rates others have posted. Consider what you would have been able to pay before licensing. Start with what feels fair to you. You can always adjust your fees depending on how mentees respond!

Check out our Payment Structure for details and more examples.

We all became healthcare professionals to help others. Mentorship builds strong connections with other professionals – helping them helps you too!
You will do your part to ease the healthcare worker crisis and bring more diversity to our workplaces.
Teaching improves communication and professional skills, making you more competent.
Your confidence will grow as you improve your skills help others and share your valuable expertise.
Register today! Without a registration fee or fixed time commitment there is really no risk, only rewards!

  • Post on social media – share your story and your mentees’ accomplishments (names with permission). Like and share our posts to build awareness.
  • Use “Share this Mentor” and “Share this Service” when you’re setting up a mentor profile or service. Just click the social media icon to link to your account – it’s that easy. Ask others to share also.
  • Talk with colleagues, former classmates, anyone who might be able to grow your business. Be proud and confident. You’re doing great work!
  • Connect with cultural or professional  groups to share your business. We can help you prepare.
  • Chat with our Member Experience Team. We are happy to help you spread the word!

Yes, you can. Mentorship is a great way to help others and earn income from home on your own schedule. Just be sure to follow your professional college guidelines and report your earnings according to Canada Revenue Agency’s rules.

Sure! These are a few tips from experienced mentors. If you’re a pro, feel free to send us your tips to add. We’re all about helping each other.

“Spend time on your profile. Use a professional image and include your profession in your tagline. Make your tagline clear and clever – that is what mentees see first. Complete your profile and service FAQs”.

“Always discuss scheduling and expectations with your mentees. Keep to the schedule and communicate clearly and regularly to set an example of how professionals communicate”.

“Adjust your services to what mentees are asking for and keep checking in to see what they need. You start to really care about how they are doing so that part is easy.”

“Create a detailed version of “My Licensing Journey”, a list of the steps you took to get where you are today. This will help you know exactly where each mentee is in the process. They will feel understood and confident in your services.”

Share your expertise. Build your skills. Help others succeed.