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Want to get licensed quickly
in Canadian healthcare?

Join our nationwide network of internationally-educated health professionals (IEHPs) to access flexible, affordable mentorship - anytime and anywhere.


Want to get licensed quickly in Canadian healthcare? Find the perfect mentor to help you succeed!

Join our nationwide network of internationally-educated health professionals (IEHPs) to get access to flexible, affordable career guidance — anytime and anywhere.

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Don’t go through the licensing process alone - join a community of IEHPs committed to helping each other succeed.

If you’re finding the licensing process…

  • much harder than expected
  • frustrating and confusing
  • expensive and time-consuming

You’re not alone! You have already come a long way. We are here to help you get through this difficult process!

At Mentor Me Healthcare, we know your skills and knowledge are valued — and we promise that you can achieve your dreams and contribute so much to your new Canadian community.

Our mission is to help every internationally educated health professional (IEHP) new to Canada become licensed quickly and affordably.

Our mentors are resilient IEHPs who have made it through this difficult process themselves. They provide personalized, one-on-one support to help you not only succeed, but also feel hopeful, prepared, and valued on your professional journey in Canada!


Reach your professional potential, faster.
Hear from some of the IEHPs we have helped succeed.

How It Works

With tailored guidance from your licensed IEHP mentor,
a quick and affordable path to licensing is within reach.


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Why Mentor Me Healthcare?

Mentor Me Healthcare was born from our vision for an equitable healthcare workforce in Canada, one in which every professional feels welcomed and can reach their full potential.

Our struggling system needs more professionals, but current processes prevent almost half of IEHPs from achieving this goal. We offer a simple solution that has helped many become licensed. We are creating this representative, robust healthcare system in Canada by ensuring every IEHP has the competence, confidence, and connections they need to become a licensed healthcare professional.

Are you already a licensed IEHP in Canada?

You have valuable expertise to share. Learn more about how you can give back, strengthen your community and earn income too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to start your new path to licensing today

Registration is free! Sign up, complete a simple profile, and find the right person to help you become a health professional in Canada. You pay your mentor for their help. Our licensing success rate so far is 100% and we aim to keep it that way. A few hours of mentorship can help you get licensed and start earning to your full potential months or even years earlier. Why wait!  Payment Structure for details and helpful examples.

Yes! You purchase services via PayPal or with your credit card via Stripe. These are globally recognized and secure.
You pay the total amount at the start. We hold the payment until the service delivery date you’ve selected (one week, two weeks, etc). On that delivery date, go to Ongoing Services and change the service from “Hired” to “Completed” and provide a review for your mentor. This releases the payment to them.
This way, you can be sure you will get the help you need. If you have concerns, please contact us as soon as possible.

Mentorship is an individualized service, so your mentor covers what you personally need to learn. They help you navigate quickly and confidently. They direct you to the right resources at the right time in your journey. Bridging programs are thorough but they are expensive and require a huge time commitment. This does not work for everyone. Struggling through the process alone or relying on peer online groups either takes much longer or doesn’t help enough. Our combination of flexible scheduling, personalized service, and reduced cost has enabled 100% of our mentees to become licensed. Don’t waste your time and money. Register as a mentee and get the Canadian healthcare career you deserve!

If you are beginning a path to becoming licensed and working in Canada, you need support that meets your needs. Our mentorship is:
affordable – choose your mentor’s services and how frequently you work together
flexible – learn from home, on your own schedule
personal – enjoy a relaxed, judgment-free experience with just you and a supportive mentor who has been through this process

You will gain competence in your profession, confidence to succeed, and connection to other professionals and organizations in Canada.
Plus, with our easy, free registration process there is really no risk.
Why do it alone or pay thousands when we are here to support you? Register as a mentee today and find your path to success!

The earlier the better! Your mentor assesses your accomplishments and helps you move through the next steps in the best way.
You and your mentor decide together how many sessions you need and how frequent they are. Some people check in every two weeks as they review for an exam. Others meet more frequently closer to an exam or interview to really get it right. Some just need one or two sessions to secure a job.
Do what’s right for you with our flexible, personalized services. Get started now!

Mentors include many details on their profiles. This could include profession, languages spoken, countries of origin, schools attended, current workplace, specialized skills, and more. Use any of these keywords or the filters to search prospective mentors and the services they offer. Contact them to learn more and find the right person for you! If you need help please contact us.
Get started today!

We check with the professional colleges regularly to ensure that mentors are registered and do not have any complaints or unresolved practice issues on their record.
We do not guarantee, however, that this is the case as we cannot constantly check each mentor’s record. We rely on self-disclosure and peer-disclosure of any complaints or ethical violations, as do many professional colleges.
This information is public so you can also search any time. If you have a concern please let us know. We are happy to help.

We will do our very best to help you succeed, but no, we cannot guarantee licensing or finding work. So far, 100% of our mentees are licensed and working. We want to include you in this group as quickly as possible. Our mentors provide you with the resources and support you need to navigate the complex licensing and hiring systems in Canada. Alone it is difficult, but with a mentor to guide you, you will make it! There are thousands of job openings across the country for registered health professionals. Your future looks bright!