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Find the perfect mentor to help you become a licensed health professional in Canada

Mentor Me connects unlicensed internationally educated health professionals (IEHPs) to licensed IEHPs for mentorship. A personalized, flexible path to licensing is within reach.


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Our peer mentorship helps you become a working professional as soon as possible!
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Why Mentor Me?

We want to help every internationally educated health professional (IEHP) become licensed in Canada as soon as possible.

Every year at least 25,000 IEHPs come to Canada eager to work in their respective professions.  Our struggling healthcare system needs their expertise but current processes prevent almost half of them from achieving this goal. This waste of potential hurts us all.  It is time for a better option.

Mentor Me is a simple solution that has helped many IEHPs become licensed.


We connect unlicensed IEHPs to licensed IEHPs for flexible, personalized peer mentorship throughout the process. 


Are you a licensed IEHP? Help others and earn income at your own rate, on your own schedule.  Register as a mentor today.


Are you an IEHP working towards licensing? Find a mentor who really understands the process to work within your schedule and budget. Register as a mentee toda

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Here's what our mentors and mentees have to say...

If you are looking for someone who can be your guide during a stressful stage of your RPT journey in Canada reach out to Mentor Me Healthcare, especially Shikha. She really was like an angel who just showed up at the time when I was most struggling to find a mentor for myself who was looking to continue practicing provisionally in Ontario. Good thing about Mentor Me Healthcare is that they have their contacts in different provinces as well. So be it Ontario or BC/Alberta, if you are looking to start/continue practicing as resident PT, reach out to them. I can definitely assure that you will be in good hands, like I was a few months ago. Thank you very much Shikha/Mentor Me Healthcare team.

Z.P., Physiotherapist


“As a Nurse back home, I had thought my skills were needed in Canada. But what I felt when starting here was overwhelmed, so confused, like I was not really wanted. But, should I pay for a mentor? When I did, it felt suddenly like I could make it. Even if I become an RPN faster by a few months it will be worth the cost of it. I would say that Mentor Me Healthcare is really helpful and worth it. Plus, your money goes to someone from your community.”

F.F, Registered Practical Nurse


“When you are doing something do difficult, it is so helpful to have a mentor. It means having someone there to support you as you complete applications and review for examinations. It helps you to be sure you are reviewing the right information and gives you someone to answer questions. I am so glad I am not doing this process alone. Most certainly it is worth it for me. Without it I could take years to start working as a Pharmacist.”

D.Z, Pharmacist


“The process of becoming a physiotherapist in Canada was difficult for me. When I initially failed the PCE (licensing exam) I was not sure if I would manage it. I was working at a Harvey’s restaurant. Then, finding a resident PT position was also difficult. I was not sure if paying someone made sense but paying just for 2 hours so 200$ helped me find a position in just weeks instead of months so I started earning so much more. It was most certainly worth it and I would say it would be worth it for anyone who wants to begin their career more quickly. 

A.O, Physiotherapist


“I’ve spent so much time and money working on getting my license here.  I have been working as a Physiotherapy Assistant so taking a full-time university program is not possible. Now that I have a mentor I really feel that I will be able to get my license. It makes more sense to pay for some mentorship and be successful than to risk failing and being forced to re-take the exam.”

D.G, Physiotherapist

"Mentoring is a great way to give back. My first few years in Canada were not easy, especially with exam preparation. Now I can help others meet their goals more easily. My mentoring income also helps me pay back a loan I took out during my earlier time in Canada."
F.F., Registered Practical Nurse
"When you are doing something new and difficult, it is so helpful to have someone there to support you as you... complete applications and review for examinations. It helps you to be sure you are reviewing the right information and gives you someone to answer questions who has done it.”
D.Z, Pharmacist
“I love giving someone the chance to get back into physiotherapy, to feel pride in themselves and their profession again. They can also provide a better standard of living for their family. That feels very good.”
S.A, Physiotherapist

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