Peer Mentorship is the Effective, Affordable Path to Licensing for Internationally-Educated Health Professionals

It’s difficult for internationally-educated health professionals (IEHPs) to get licensed in Canada for physiotherapy, nursing, pharmacy and many other high-demand professions.

Most IEHPs trying to work in Canada find the process more difficult and isolating than expected. Being in a new county can already make you feel alone. Having to navigate licensing on your own makes those feelings worse.

The processes in place to get licensed in Canada are frustrating and confusing. So much so that they prevent almost half of IEHPs from achieving this goal. Though there are existing paths and supports that are meant to help, they are usually A. reliable but too expensive, or B. free but unreliable or incorrect in their advice.

With so many challenges along the way, it’s time to reevaluate the ways we prepare for licensing in Canadian healthcare.

The Old Ways to Prepare for Licensing

University or College Based Professional Bridging Programs

These bridging programs have good success rates with licensing in Canada, but they usually require a full-time commitment for one year or more. This means you have less time to earn income. Plus, tuition costs are so high that most people can’t even consider this option, especially if you’re working a low-paying “survival job”. Furthermore, it’s likely the skills you already know and have experience with may not be taken into account. These programs are a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to cover the entire professional curriculum, which can be time-consuming and unnecessary.

Newcomer Services through government funded programs

These services are available through government funded programs, but they often have low success rates for licensing. The programs are run by passionate and dedicated people. But since they’re volunteering their time, it’s difficult for them to be highly committed. They usually can’t provide enough support for individuals on a case-by-case basis. Plus, most volunteers are Canadian-educated so they don’t fully understand the licensing process and experiences of IEHPs.

Mock Exams from Private Groups

While mock exams can be helpful for the written exam component of the licensing process, they can be costly. You can’t guarantee the quality of the exams so you could waste time and money trying to find the best ones. When you complete them alone, there is no one to answer your questions. They simply aren’t enough to get you through the licensing process.

Informal Online Peer Groups 

When it comes to licensing, free advice from online peer groups can be unreliable and inaccurate. Though these groups could offer some support in the form of social encouragement or cultural connection, they don’t provide much practical guidance. It takes too much time to review posts on groups to find advice that applies to your situation, especially when it may be incorrect.

Mentorship as the New Alternative

We asked over 6000 IEHPs about their licensing experience. While it’s reported to be demeaning, expensive, and confusing, we also heard some incredible suggestions for what could help during licensing. Whether they had help to get licensed in Canada, or didn’t have help but wished for support, what they wanted most was “a trusted person to guide them.”

“When I started my journey to complete the licensure process in Canada, I was overwhelmed and confused. So I know the struggle. I didn’t have a mentor but I wish I had someone who could guide me one-on-one and help with my struggles and anxieties.” – Sushmita Chatterjee, Licensed Physiotherapist and Mentor. 

Peer mentorship provides exactly this to help IEHPs work in Canada as quickly and affordably as possible. At Mentor Me Healthcare, licensed IEHP mentors offer affordable one-on-one guidance to help you succeed. Our mentors are experienced professionals who have gone through the same process as you and understand what it takes to get licensed. Whether you’re trying to get licensed in Canada for physiotherapy, nursing, pharmacy, or a different profession, a role model that can give you personalized guidance makes such a difference.

Mentorship is…

  • Effective! You learn one-on-one from a licensed professional who can find trusted information and the best resources. One hundred percent of our mentees are now licensed working professionals and we don’t plan on changing that.

  • Quick! We know how to keep you on your fastest track to licensing, without wasting money, so you can spend more time earning as a health professional.

  • Flexible! It fits your schedule with virtual meetings and individual work, so you can keep working or caring for your family.

  • Personalized! Our mentors teach just what you need to know with advice based on your individual situation. Residency status, previous education, English ability, family, and finances are all factors.

  • Affordable! Mentors have valuable expertise to share but your peers remember what it was like to be in your situation. They charge fair rates, provide independent study resources, and only help when you need it.

“I could draw from people who were a step ahead of me or had the experience. I learned from their successes and failures.” – Temi Jolasinmi, former Mentee, now Licensed Pharmacist and Mentor with Mentor Me Healthcare.

Mentorship can give every IEHP the tools they need to succeed and become a licensed PT, pharmacist, nurse, and more! You gain competence and learn what you need to know to work in your profession. You can increase your confidence to go after opportunities and challenge yourself. And you connect with a network of peers in Canada who believe in a more equitable, diverse healthcare system with opportunities for all.



Learn what you need to know to work in your profession


Feel excited to go after opportunities and reach your full potential


Build a network of healthcare workers in Canada who want to help you succeed

Could mentorship make the difference for you?

With a peer mentor who has gone through the exact same struggles, you could reach your professional potential faster! Tailored, effective guidance from a fellow IEHP is not only the quick and affordable path to licensing in Canada, it’s the best option.

We want to bridge the gap for IEHPs like you so you can find success in Canada and help us build a more diverse, inclusive healthcare system.

Join a community of peers and mentors waiting to help you. You can find a mentor with the exact skills, language, and experience needed to support you on your journey.


Author Since: 23 February 2023